High Performance durable off road, emergency response, off highway and powersports LED light bars

TOMAR Electronics Inc. Off Road Division

High Performance Modular LED Light Bars Built to last

TOMAR Off-Road LED Lighting is a performance LED lighting company that specializes in LED lighting for off-road, emergency response, off-highway, & powersports

At TOMAR we pride ourselves on being a top provider, offering a wide range of durable and reliable LED light bars and chase lights meticulously engineered to withstand the most demanding off-road conditions.

With our products, you can navigate through any trail or emergency scenario with utmost confidence.

LED Light bars built for professionals, loved by enthusiasts

Our light bars are designed for professionals/military applications meaing they are designed to stand up to the elements and last. This durability and performance is what professionals need and what enthusiasts want in an LED light bar.


Confidently navigate the night with our selection of LED light bars

TRX Series LED Lights - Illumination

Light bars, Auxiliary lights, Infrared, & Mounts

RECT Chase Light Kits

RECT 13, RECT 14, & RECT 16 Rear facing LED lights


TOMAR Off-Road LED Lights shop offers a wide range of rugged, long lasting, and reliable LED lighting products for off-road enthusiasts, including LED Lightbars, Infrared LED Lightbars, Chase Light Kits, and LED Lightbar Mounts.

Our lights are built for durability and performance so that no matter where your adventures take you, you can bring the best light with you. From our waterproof housings to our high-quality LEDs, we make sure that no matter what kind of terrain or weather conditions come your way, TOMAR will CLEAR THE WAY