Off Road LED Light Bars

At TOMAR Electronics, our selection of off-road LED light bars are designed with advanced optics and powerful LED technology to deliver unmatched brightness and clarity, making them ideal for a variety of applications.

We put the light were it needs to go - not where it wants to go Combining this light output with our industrial-strength form factors gives you the performance you've come to expect from TOMAR since 1969.


TRX Series Illumination LED Light Bars

3-60" Lengths
Perfect for illuminating the trail at night

TRT Series LED Light Bars

3-60" Lengths
For emergency warning

TRM Series Marine LED Light Bars-Illumination

TRM marine line meets the demands of ship-borne LED light bars

Infrared (IR) LED Light Bars

TRX and TRT Series Infared (IR) LED Light Bar
Perfect for covert operations where visibility is key, but discretion is required