RECT 13 Off-Road LED Chase Light Kit

  • TOMAR’s RECT 13 LED Chase Light kit includes a pair of 3 LED lights. This kit is a must-have in low-visibility situations like heavy dust, fog, or snow.
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TOMAR’s RECT 13 Off-Road LED Chase Light kit are a must-have in low-visibility situations like heavy dust, fog, or snow. TOMAR’s RECT 13 LED Chase Light Kit provides visibility in those situations.

Utilizing three high-intensity LEDs, the RECT 13 is one of the smallest LED lights on the market but one of the brightest and most durable auxiliary LED lights currently available. The RECT 13 Chase Light Kit includes two LED lights that can be mounted on either side of the bed using our selection of mounts.


  • Perfect for low visibility situations while off-roading allowing you to let anyone following you on the trail of any potential hazards that may appear on the path.
  • Trusted by first responders the RECT series lights were originally developed for firefighters, police, and EMS vehicles.
  • TOMAR-Patented Linear-Vibration Weld Seal rated IP69+ waterproof and dust-proof.
  • Two independent trigger wires for two programmable modes (e.g. steady-on and flashing).
  • Includes a sync wire for a clean, synchronized look.
  • Each light is available in a single color (amber, blue, red, green, white/clear) NOTE: The light color that is selected is the light color for that specific LED light
  • SAE J845 and SAE J595 compliant
  • Intended for off-road use only and may not be legal to operate while on public/private roadways


  • Size: 3.75″ Wide x 1.2″ High x .70″ Deep
  • Current Draw: .45 Amp avg.
  • Input Voltage: 12/24 VDC.
  • Operating Temperature Range: -55°C to +65°C


All RECT Chase light kits include a standard wiring harness that allows you to space our the two lamps on your chase light kit up to 6 ft.


  • 90° Low Profile Mounts: TOMAR’s 90° low profile mounts allow you to mount your RECT 16 lights on the bed of your truck while maintaining a low, sleek profile.
  • 90° Extended Mounts: TOMAR’s 90° extended mounts are similar to our low profile mounts but are mounted higher in the bed of your truck. These mounts are perfect for truck owners who use their truck beds to store equipment but still want a rear chase light kit on their vehicles.
  • Adjustable Mounts: TOMAR’s adjustable mounts allow you to rotate your RECT Series Lights at different angles. These mounts are perfect if you want to use your RECT Series lights as a chase light and then also use them to illuminate the bed of your truck quickly.
  • Flush Mounts: TOMAR’s flush mounts are designed if you want to install your RECT Series Lights in the bumper of your vehicle or other locations where you want the light to look like it came from the factory with those lights installed.


  • QTY 2. RECT 13 LED Lights (with your choice of color see product options)
  • QTY 2. Set of RECT 13 mounting brackets ( 90° low profile mounts, 90° extended mounts, adjustable mounts, surface mounts).
  • QTY 1. 5ft wiring harness designed to be used in between both LED lights (see product options for extension options)
  • QTY 1. 20ft control/switch wiring harness

They are a 5 feet or 10 feet extension of the (4) wires, with male and female connectors terminating the ends. This allows the lamps on any Chase Kit to be spaced further apart from the standard length (approx 6 feet) to 11 feet and 16 feet (See product options to select extensions)

  • RECT-CHS-LEX5: 5ft Extension (11ft Lamp to Lamp)
  • RECT-CHS-LEX10: 10ft Extension (16ft Lamp to Lamp)

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