TRX LRAC (Long Range Amber/Clear) Series Off-Road LED Light Bars

The LRAC Series, short for Long-Range Amber/Clear (LRAC) Light bars, are designed to take your off-road experience to the next level. These off-road LED light bars combine the flexibility of our Amber/Clear TRX light bars with the addition of long-range, amber-tinted spotlights.

Customized Lighting Control

We understand that every off-road situation is unique. That's why the LRAC Series offers three independently controlled groups of LEDs, allowing you to tailor your lighting to the environment you're navigating.

  • Powerful White LEDs: These LEDs are perfect for well-lit conditions and provide exceptional clarity.
  • Long-Range Amber Spots: When white light is too bright for adverse conditions, you can rely on the long-range amber spots to cut through the fog and illuminate your path.
  • Secondary Amber LEDs: These LEDs offer close-up illumination without blinding the driver, providing a balanced lighting experience.

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