RECT Series Chase Lights By Kolby Ashby

TOMAR's RECT Series Rear Facing Off-Road Chase Light Kits: Chase Lights Done Right

Essential Off-Roading Gear: The Importance of Rear-Facing Chase Lights

Rear-facing LED chase lights are essential for off-roading because they provide additional visibility for the driver and other vehicles on the trail. This is especially important when driving in low light conditions, such as at night or in heavy fog. The lights can help illuminate the trail ahead, making it easier to spot obstacles and navigate rough terrain.

TOMAR’s RECT Series Off-Road Chase light kits provide rear-facing illumination that adds visibility in harsh weather or dusty conditions. Our RECT Chase lights give you the confidence to hit the trails by protecting the rear of your vehicle.

Rear-facing chase lights not only augment visibility but also significantly bolster trail safety.

Programmable to meet your needs while off roading

TOMAR's RECT Series Chase Light Kits is their advanced programmability. Equipped with smart LED lamps with integrated flashers, these chase lights offer versatility like no other. Users have access to over 50 distinct flash patterns, allowing for a multitude of combinations.
This unique feature enables off-road enthusiasts to customize their lighting setup according to their preferences, ensuring an optimum lighting effect for every scenario. The programmability of TOMAR's RECT Series makes them not only incredibly efficient and adaptable but also a fun and customizable accessory for any off-road vehicle.

Weather Sealed for any situation or enviorment

TOMAR's patented linear vibration welding process, a unique technique that creates a highly secure seal. Moreover, this TOMAR-Patented Linear-Vibration Weld Seal is rated IP69+, the highest protection rating against dust and water intrusion. Consequently, the RECT Series Chase Light Kits are able to withstand extreme weather and environmental conditions while delivering optimal performance.

What is Included in our Chase Light Kits

All of our RECT Chase light kits come with a pair of RECT 13/14/16 LED lights, a pair of mounts, and wiring harness making install a breeze.

  • Two RECT 13/14/16 LED Lights: You have the freedom to choose the color of these lights as per your preference .
  • Two Sets of RECT 13/14/16 Mounting Brackets: These include 90° low-profile mounts, 90° extended mounts, adjustable mounts, and surface mounts, providing a variety of mounting solutions to best fit your vehicle.
  • One 5-foot Wiring Harness: This is designed to be used between both LED lights, ensuring a proper connection.
  • One 20-foot Control/Switch Wiring Harness: This harness allows you to comfortably reach the control switch from the light installation point, providing ease of operation.