Unleashing The Power Of TOMAR's Dual-Color Feature In Off-Road LED Light Bars

TRX Light bars

By Kolby Ashby


Users can easily toggle between these two colors according to their needs with the flick of a switch or a button press.

What Sets TOMAR Off-Road LED Light Bars Apart?

TOMAR Electronics, a leader in the lighting industry, initially began producing light bars for public use. Known for their top-notch quality and cutting-edge technology, TOMAR's light bars found their way into various applications, including emergency vehicles, construction sites, and more, offering reliable and visible LED lighting solutions to those in need.

Recognizing the potential of their versatile light bars in the off-roading sector, TOMAR decided to innovate further. They envisioned a range of light bars specifically engineered to withstand the rigors of off-road conditions and cater to the unique needs of off-roading enthusiasts. This led to the development of the TRX series - a line of off-road-specific light bars incorporating their groundbreaking Dual Color Feature. These light bars, designed for the extremes of off-roading, have significantly enhanced the safety, visibility, and overall off-roading experience for adventurers worldwide.

TOMAR TRX Off Road LED Light bar

What Is Dual Color?

TOMAR Dual Mode is available on TRX Series Light bars from 10-60"

When we refer to 'Dual Color' in the context of TOMAR's off-road light bars, we're speaking about an innovative feature that allows the user to switch between two distinct colors - amber and white. This unique characteristic is implemented through separate groups of amber and white LED lights incorporated within each light bar module. Users can easily toggle between these two colors according to their needs with the flick of a switch or a button press.

The white light is perfect for clear conditions, providing a bright and comprehensive illumination of the path ahead. On the other hand, the amber light, with its ability to penetrate through particles in the air more effectively, provides improved visibility during foggy, rainy, smoky, or dusty conditions.

TOMAR's dual color feature provides users with enhanced versatility and adaptability, catering to a wide range of visibility conditions experienced during off-roading.

Why Should I Choose TOMAR's LED Light Bars for My 4x4?

With their Dual Color Feature, TOMAR Off Road LED Light Bars are versatile and energy efficient. The separate groups of LEDs ensure maximum light output while consuming minimal power. This makes them an excellent choice for your 4x4, helping to conserve battery life while providing superior illumination.

How Resilient Are TOMAR's Off-Road Light Bars?

Resilience is a cornerstone of TOMAR's product philosophy. TOMAR's LED light bars are robustly constructed and waterproof, ready to face the challenges of your off-road adventure. The waterproof LED light bars can brave heavy rain, dense fog, or even crossing bodies of water, ensuring your path is always well-lit and safe.

Frequently Asked Questions About TOMAR's Dual Color Feature

  • How easy is it to switch between the light colors?
    Very easy! You can switch between the two light colors with a flick of a switch or a press of a button, depending on the model.
  • Can the amber and white lights be active simultaneously in each module?
    No, within each module, the Dual Color Feature is designed to use either the amber or the white LEDs at a given time, ensuring optimal power utilization and light output. However, depending on how you wire your light bar, you could have some modules displaying amber light while others display white light simultaneously. This provides additional flexibility for mixed-visibility conditions.
  • Why do I need amber LED lights in low visibility conditions?
    Amber LED lights are invaluable in low visibility conditions due to their ability to cut through particulates like dust, fog, rain, or snow. White light can reflect off these particles and cause a glare, making it harder to see. Amber light, on the other hand, has a longer wavelength and can penetrate these conditions more effectively, improving visibility.
  • Can I use the amber light under clear weather conditions?
    Absolutely! The amber light can be used anytime you feel the need for a softer, less glaring light.

Where can I order my Dual-Color TRX Series LED Light Bar?

Click here to order your 3-60" TRX Series off road LED light bar

TOMAR TRX Off Road LED Light bar